A Lenda do Coração de Metal 
The Legend of the Metalheart
Briefing: Cover creation for a Dark Fantasy sector to be commercialized on Amazon both in English and Portuguese. Because of that, the piece would need to have good visibility in black and white and also for its thumbnail.

Summary: Arkaean is the last world toe ver be, a place where dark magic, war and death are the rule. When Eron Valori, a young and impetuous noble, witness the kidnap of his pregnant wife by the hands of an undead queen, not even all his combat experience can help him save her. Now, to rescue his family, even incapable of fighting these monsters, he will have to win over his fears, an undead army, and the necromancer who conjured them. The only ones to help will be Kyren Lidgam, a spoiled prince and the last one to see Eron’s wife, and Alyck, a commoner boy saved by Eron who doesn’t seem to understand what “danger” means 

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Opção selecionada finalizada / versão português
Option Selected, Final version - English cover
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