Cris Viana is a competent, organized and very creative professional! Besides that, it's possible to sense that each work she produced was made with great care and dedication, which I personally consider a great differential. 
Gabriele Fernandes
Assistant Editor at Globo Livros
* * *
I work with Cris for years now and she always surprises me. I ask her the Moon, and she delivers the Moon, the stars and Mars too. They are always high level work. Do you think I’m exaggerating? Just take a look at her portfolio.
Gustavo Barreto
Game designer and partner at Funbox Editora

* * *
When the time to chose someone to create the graphic project for The public Sphere, Cris was the first and only name to cross my mind, due to the excellent results on every time I've hired her or recommended her work. The excellency was once again confirmed not only by the beauty of the publication, but also by speed which she delivered and the patience and solicitude on dealing with a big and heterogenous team.
Samira Noronha
editor-in-chief, The Public Sphere

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