Improv for Gamers - 2nd EditionĀ 
Author: Karen Twelves
Editor: Jacky Leung
Proofreader: Gabriella Rincon
Accessibility Readers: Aser and Megan Tolentino
Artists: Kanesha C. Bryant, Maegan Penley
Layout & Graphic Design: Cris Viana
Art Director: Trivia Fox
Business Development: Chris Hanrahan
Marketing Manager: Tom Lommel
Project Manager: Sean Nittner
Additional Contributors: Alex Dodge, Aser and Megan Tolentino, Ash Cheshire, Brandon Wentz, Erica Riddick, Hakan Seyalioglu, James Mendez Hodes, James Oh, Jason Morningstar, Jay Brown, Jay Treat, Krin Irvine, Liisa Lee, Lizzie Stark, Marcus Sams, Mary C. Parker, Meg Baker, Senda Linaugh

Based on the first edition of Improv for Gamers by Karen Twelves, with contributions from Josh Yearsley (editing), Misha Bushyager (proofreading), Elisa Cella (cover art), Tiara Lynn Agresta (layout & graphic design), Brian Patterson (art direction), and Carrie Harris (marketing).
All set of products made for Improv for Gamers Crowdfunding
Mockups of Soft cover book, Workbook, Digital PDF, E-pub.
Book inside layout.
Workbook cover and inside layout.
Mockup for Hardcover version of the book.
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