Game: Apagão - Ruas de Fúria

"Just three months without electricity made São Paulo into a warzone taken over by hooligans. Survivors face street violence to find food, weapons and the last sources of energy. There is only wreckage, hate and hunger in South Americas’ biggest city.
Amongst all this caos, six gangs organized themselves and are now occupying downtown! Beware if you stand in the way of any of them. Macacos Urbanos, Dandaras, Guardiões da Moral, Filhos de Deus, Manos e Irmãs Canivete. Each one with it’s own moral codes and philosophies. Violence and lack of resources make life expectancies very short, especially for those yet to find a place in a gang.
Surviving in a darkened São Paulo is just like being a grub inside a urban corpse!"
(Text extracted from Catarse)
​​​​​​​Game design: Gustavo Barreto
Art: Abel, Camaleão e Tiago Palma
Graphic design and Layout: Cris Viana / Estúdio Chaleira
Text Drafiting: MC Zanini @ Zombie Dodo Studio
Additional text: Raphael Fernandes and Jaime Daniel Cancela
Apagão was creation by Raphael Fernandes.
Cards and Components


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