Game Kit: Conta Comigo

"This game production started with a question: How to bring more playfulness to topics that need to be informative, of awareness, perceptive, resourceful and a call to action?

Four ludic experiences were developed about Children and teenagers’ fundamental rights, genre awareness, actions against sexual violence and abuse, and a system of rights protection." 
--- Silvani Neri (Co-game designer) 

Art for the box cover
Suits created to substitute the standart ones. All of them are shapes that create fullfilment when place together.
Project credits: Conta Comigo:
Project: Empresa #108
Game Designers: Silvani Neri, Diego Azevedo e Laíse Lima.
Illustrator: Lila Cruz
Graphic design and Layout: Cris Viana (Estúdio Chaleira)
Content care: Denise Azevedo, Meire Reis.
Playtesters : Denise Azevedo, Meire Reis, Ineria dos Santos and team Cáritas Brasileira NE3. @ Cáritas Brasileira Regional Nordeste 3 - Bahia e Sergipe
Box art - front and back
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