Term project to create a cover and a graphic project to Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”, made for Editorial Design classes, given by Maria Helena Bomeny, for Typography Post graduation at Senac-SP.

The concept for this book is that it would look as an ordinary book at first sight, but would surprise the reader once open, a parallel to the narrative, an ordinary family being astonished by a family member shapechanging.

To further provoke the reader, the title’s layout invades into the flap, suggesting that there is something else in there. It’s also important to point out that the title was place vertically, also presenting a concept existing in the narrative, as the main character transformed into a bug can have a perspective from a wall or ceiling, and so the elements of the page can change position, transmitting a slight botherness, a felling present throughout the text.

Note: the Compania das Letras publisher brand was used just as reference


Cover with the special flaps

Full cover
Inside I replaced the paragraphs indents, creating a feeling of instability without damaging the readability.
The elements in the pages change position amongst the three parts of the book, reinforcing the bugs point of view and the overwhelming sense of insanity presented in the text
Summary – Bug legs placement indicates openings 
Opening and inside pages from part 1
Opening and inside pages from part 2
Opening and inside pages from part 3
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